"To get us back on track, Montgomery County needs effective leadership and a new vision.  We don’t need to look far for ideas. 

We have incredibly talented community leaders all around us with the know-how to solve some of our most vexing problems and we can benefit more from modeling national best practices."

- David Blair 

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Economic Development

Building a vibrant, growing economy to pay for the priority services we value.  With our educated talent pool, financial resources, and strategic assets, we should be the start-up capital of the east coast. To accelerate our recovery, we should commit to maximizing local investment with a strong Buy MoCo initiative.  Ninety percent of net new jobs come from local businesses; and more than half of every dollar spent remains in the community.



Investing more in education and ensuring 100% of MCPS high school graduates are college or career ready.  Graduating seniors deserve better than an endless string of unskilled, minimum wage jobs. We must start with the youngest and expand Pre-K to all; for each $1 invested in high-quality Pre-K, we realize a return of $5 to $10.  This goal is not a reach – surrounding jurisdictions like Washington, DC already offer universal Pre-K.


Diversity & Inclusion

Promoting empowerment and inclusion by leveraging our county’s diversity to our benefit.  We should be protecting women's rights and healthcare; ensuring LGBTQI+ individuals are protected against discrimination; adding and expanding language immersion programs; actively connecting minority-owned businesses to prime commercial space; and harnessing the talent and resources of our immigrant population to inspire our global thinking and build our international economic presence.

Recycling Bottles


Montgomery County can lead the region in fighting climate change, while growing our economy and providing opportunities and protections for vulnerable communities. We can harness county resources to increase solar energy, plant 10,000 trees a year, collect and compost food waste, move toward zero energy buildings and prepare neighborhoods for the impacts of climate change.


Empowering Nonprofits

Empowering our nonprofit organizations as partners, not saddling them with regulations and red tape.  Rather than increasing the size of our county government, we should engage the talent and experience in this sector to efficiently deliver services to those in need.

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Community Investment

Establishing a more connected community by examining the merits of housing co-ops to increase affordable housing; setting new housing permitting goals aligned with population growth; and incentivizing development around Metro stations.  We owe it to our residents to ensure public transit is dependable and convenient, and that sustainable highway options are available to connect our communities – creating an infrastructure that truly supports our population.