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Restaurants are a vital part of the fabric of Montgomery County. They anchor our commercial and downtown areas. They create jobs. They pay taxes. They provide special moments for their thousands and thousands of customers. Over the last decade, however, restaurant growth has stagnated. Many establishments went out of business and others find it increasingly difficult to open and operate in Montgomery County. As County Executive, David Blair will create policies and a culture for restaurants to thrive in Montgomery County.


Separate the regulations we truly need from those that make no sense.

  • David Blair will review County policies to ensure they are consistent -- and not duplicative -- with Maryland and Federal regulations. 

  • Montgomery County can not operate as if we're an island. Our regulations must be comparable with surrounding jurisdictions, otherwise restaurateurs will be incentivized to open new restaurants outside of Montgomery County.

Standardize inspections

  • A Blair administration will hold our inspectors accountable and reduce the time it takes to acquire a license and permit in Montgomery County.

  • We will simplify the process for inspections and reduce the opportunity for inspectors to create frivolous issues. The inspection process will be a simplified checklist without room for misinterpretation.

If a County inspector provides inaccurate information or “misses it”, the County will be responsible and pay the restaurant owner for any necessary changes.

Open up alcohol competition

  • Montgomery County’s exclusivity on liquor distribution and retail sales as a county is unique in the nation . . . established in the 1930’s.

  • David Blair will work to open up alcohol sales in Montgomery County to private distributors - allowing competition as well as permitting retail stores to sell distilled spirits.

Actually become business-friendly county

  • With David Blair as County Executive, we won’t just say we’re business friendly . . . we will be business friendly. The County’s words will match its actions.

  • David Blair will promote a culture where county employees appreciate that it is a flourishing economy that pays their salaries.

“As a former business owner in Rockville, I'm aware of the lack of support our county provides businesses. In my 12 years running a public company, no one from Montgomery County ever reached out to us.” – David Blair



Provide Access to Capital

  • Consolidate and strengthen existing County small-business development programs that are scattered across county government and make sure businesses know about all existing resources, including proactively reaching out to both new and existing restaurants.

Promote Workforce Development

  • Bring high school students real-world experience in the restaurant industry by connecting them through internships with local restaurants.

  • Tap into Montgomery College and the Universities at Shady Grove to create a schools-to-workforce pipeline, so students can exit higher education with the management skills they need to be successful.

Expand Childcare

  • Expand pre-K, early childhood education, and afterschool programs -- an expansion of childcare will permit parents to work with the assurance that their children are well cared for and being equipped to go into school.

Invest in Public Transportation

  • Reduce road congestion and expand transit service with more routes to business hubs like Bethesda, Silver Spring, Rio, and Crown, while making RideOn free.

  • To encourage business in transit “deserts,” expand ride-hailing bus services, like the existing RideOn Flex.

Centralize Communication

  • Streamline the County website for locating permits, policies, and other information, making it easy, not hard, to find out what businesses need to know.

“I’m all-in for our County, and I know David Blair is also. I’m eager for a future where we can embrace business, protect the environment, and ensure MoCo becomes a place where reality and logic become paramount in the County Exec’s office” - Dan Simons, co-founder of Founding Farmers

Buy Local

  • Transform our County’s incredible Agricultural Preserve into a more viable source of food for County restaurants, including expanding wineries, breweries, and distilleries so our restaurants can serve more locally produced products.

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