Public Safety 


Everyone in Montgomery County deserves to be safe and respected. We can do both by fully investing in our police, increasing mental health interventions, and addressing the root causes of crime - poverty and gaps in our education system. 


Public safety is job number one for a County Executive and Montgomery County used to be one of the safest places in the entire country. Now, violent crime is up sharply and the County’s police force is shrinking - with more retirements on the way and record-low recruit classes.


As County Executive, I’ll act with urgency and in collaboration with our police, State’s Attorney, and community leaders to reverse this trend.


Hire more officers and fund the police

The current County Executive and County Council cut 29.5 full-time positions from the County budget for the current fiscal year, and the problem gets even worse: Because of officers leaving the department, there are 71 fewer officers than budgeted


We must do better by increasing police pay so we are attracting the best officers and are regionally competitive. We also need a County Executive who will support good officers, who are reporting low morale and an unsustainable rate of retirements and resignations.


Money budgeted for police should actually be spent on police. From 2011 to 2020, the County authorized transferring $39.6 million out of the Police budget to other County departments in mid-year budget amendments.

Crisis de-escalation and mental health support

We must continue to grow the County’s mental health support teams and refine best practices to ensure these professionals are able to get to more calls and do so safely. 


We also must continually improve and reinforce de-escalation training for police officers, by instituting policies and techniques for officers to resolve tense situations peacefully.


Protecting students and school staff

Montgomery County can have a police presence in schools focused on preventing violence and responding quickly to violent situations. We can do this without contributing to the overpolicing of Black and brown students.



Common Sense gun safety

The growing prevalence of “ghost guns,” unregistered firearms that can be assembled from easily purchased parts has resulted in tragic consequences in our community. I will continue to support County and State efforts to ban this type of weapon and other legislative and enforcement strategies to keep guns from being used for violence. I’m proud to have earned the distinction as a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate because of my support for common sense gun safety policies.


Protecting aging adults

We must protect our residents against scams targeting seniors and elder abuse. We’ll partner with the Attorney General of Maryland, our police, and the county’s Office of Consumer Protection to boost awareness and prevent individuals seeking to victimize older adults from doing so in Montgomery County. 


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