Nonprofit Montgomery Forum Showcases David Blair’s Record and Commitment to the Community

Rockville, Md., April 26, 2022 -- Democratic Montgomery County Executive candidate David Blair pledged to strengthen and expand the County’s partnerships with nonprofit organizations during Monday’s Nonprofit Montgomery County Executive Candidates Forum at BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown.

Blair, who since selling his Rockville healthcare business 10 years ago has been deeply involved in local nonprofit and advocacy initiatives, spoke about his firsthand experience in the nonprofit sector. Blair’s efforts include partnering with community leaders and the BlackRock Center for the Arts to launch the Upcounty Hub at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hub, which has since grown to serve more than 2,000 families a week with food deliveries and other resources, became the model County Government is now deploying countywide.

“Overnight, Black Rock was transformed into a distribution center for much-needed food and supplies,” Blair said. “It showed the incredible value and versatility of our nonprofit community to respond to crisis. I’m running for County Executive because we can strengthen these partnerships and implement long-term solutions to poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, inequity in education, and so much more.”

Blair discussed his collaboration with the County Council to start the Food for Montgomery fund, to improve food distribution with culturally appropriate options and help purchase food from local farmers and restaurants.

Blair also spoke about the urgent need to address the mental health crisis by fully funding local nonprofits that provide counseling and expanding social-emotional wellness education in schools. He committed to make the County grant process for nonprofits more streamlined and less burdensome and vowed to support arts and culture institutions recover from pandemic-related restrictions.

The forum on Monday night was sponsored by Nonprofit Montgomery, BlackRock Center for the Arts, Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, and Primary Care Coalition.

The Democratic Primary for County Executive will be July 19, 2022. Early Voting will run from July 7 through July 14, 2022.