First In-Person Candidates Forum Highlights David Blair’s Fresh, Innovative Approach


Rockville, Md., March 3, 2022 -- David Blair, Democratic candidate for Montgomery County Executive, detailed how he will bring effective and engaged executive leadership to Montgomery County on Wednesday at the first in-person forum featuring all Democratic County Executive candidates.

Blair, a community advocate, nonprofit leader, and former CEO of a Rockville-based healthcare company, fell just 77 votes short in the 2018 Democratic primary for County Executive.

Running against three longtime county politicians for the 2022 nomination, Blair distinguished himself as the candidate who will bring a fresh approach, using innovative ideas and his leadership experience to reverse growing challenges.

“I have a really healthy perspective of Montgomery County and I can tell you that I’ve seen it slip - whether it’s our schools that are no longer the best in the state, the lack of our ability to create good-paying jobs, and through policy choices we’ve made, this is an incredibly expensive place to live,” Blair said. “It doesn’t have to be this way. We can be doing so much better. With the level of talent and ideas we have in Montgomery County, we can tackle these challenges. We need effective leadership and a fresh perspective.”

Blair committed to creating a public education system that invests in career and technology programs so that all high school graduates are college- or career-ready and able to earn a living wage. He discussed the urgent need to invest in and attract small business and technology entrepreneurs to reverse the county’s job loss and stagnant business growth.

Leadership Montgomery, a nonprofit that provides leadership and equity training, hosted the forum at the Rockville campus of Montgomery College.

The Democratic Primary for County Executive is set for June 28, 2022 with Early Voting from June 16, 2022 through June 23, 2022. Excerpts of some of Blair’s remarks from the forum follow:

Blair on leadership:

“As a leader, you recognize that you can never be the smartest person in the room. You surround yourself with smart people, you set a vision, you remove obstacles, and then you empower them to accomplish amazing things. That’s how we built a Fortune 500 company right here in Rockville and that’s why I want to be County Executive, so we can move this county forward.”

Blair on supporting entrepreneurship and small business:

“Let’s put entrepreneurship classes in all of our high schools. In fact, after I lost four years ago, I started the Entrepreneurship Lab at The Universities at Shady Grove. It’s been phenomenal to see these young men and women present their new business ideas, the energy, the excitement. We need thousands of these new businesses, because they will grow and that will be our tax base for our future.”

Blair on reversing Montgomery County’s job loss:

“It’s not just that we’re losing our jobs. We’re losing our high-paying jobs. Our Economic Development Plan talks about how we’re going to leverage the assets that are already here. One example is we should be the hospitality start-up capital of the world. With what Marriott has done here over the past 100 years and all of the spin-offs and companies like Host and Choice, they would love to have incubators here. No matter where you are in the country, if you’re thinking about innovation in hospitality, you should be thinking about Montgomery County.”