The pandemic has created opportunities to improve our transportation system, making it more efficient, more personalized and cleaner. We should be reevaluating our countywide bus services to ensure routes can service people who depend on buses to get to work and school. Everyone should be able to get a ride. We can prevent congestion on our roads when the pandemic ends by making walking and biking options safer. Safety rather than efficiency should guide our county’s infrastructure investments.

Digital technology will continue to play a critical role in how our infrastructure evolves and 5G technologies will help us improve operations and remain economically competitive. We’ve got more infrastructure projects in the pipelines than we have the ability to complete right now. Part of the problem is that too many of our projects incur expensive cost overruns due to scheduling changes and other challenges that adds to the backlog. We need a better workforce management system to increase productivity and keep projects on budget. We promised Upcounty residents a highway that would connect Clarksburg to Gaithersburg and we owe them a sustainable option.

Montgomery County ranks near last in the region for the number of housing units permitted over the last decade. Let’s finally figure out how to grow equitably to relieve traffic and to create economic opportunities with lasting gains. We should be incentivizing development around Metro stations and maximizing transit-oriented development across the County. We’ve got to get smarter about development and learn how to do more with less.

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Rockville, MD

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