Blair’s Restaurant Roundtable Releases Policies To Create A Thriving Environment For Restaurants

Restaurant Owners Risked Their Capital, Paid Taxes, Created Jobs And Made Our Community Feel Like A Community. They Deserve Better.


Rockville, Md., Oct. 6, 2021 -- David Blair, Democratic candidate for Montgomery County Executive, today released his plan to create a thriving business environment for restaurants.

After announcing his campaign for Montgomery County Executive, Blair convened a Restaurant Roundtable of local restaurant owners and operators to hear their experiences of doing business in Montgomery County. These insights led to the creation of Restaurants Are Better With Blair policies.

“Perhaps no industry was hit harder during the COVID-19 pandemic than restaurants and it troubled me that the county government imposed restrictions without input from restaurant owners and operators,” Blair said. “Many of the restrictions were inconsistent with surrounding jurisdictions and the county whipsawed restaurateurs with last-minute changes that made it difficult - if not impossible - to run a business.”

The full plan is available on the Blair campaign’s website; highlights include:

  • Opening up Montgomery County’s Depression-era liquor monopoly to competition, giving restaurateurs choice in where they procure their alcohol.

  • Ensuring Montgomery County regulations are comparable to regulations in surrounding jurisdictions and not duplicative of state or federal rules.

  • Creating a simplified restaurant inspection process with no room for misinterpretation, guaranteeing turnaround times for licenses and permits and holding inspectors accountable.

  • Consolidating Montgomery County’s small-business development programs and expanding opportunities for restaurateurs to secure capital.

  • Transforming the County’s Agricultural Reserve into a more viable source of food for restaurants by creating local food processing facilities and expanding opportunities for wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

  • Expanding childcare, including pre-K, early childhood education, and afterschool programs, so parents can work with the assurance their children are well cared for and learning.

“I’m all-in for our County, and I know David Blair is also,” said Dan Simons, co-founder of the Kensington, Md.-based Founding Farmers restaurant group. “I’m eager for a future where we can embrace business, protect the environment, and ensure Montgomery County becomes a place where reality and logic become paramount in the County Executive’s office.”

“As an eager new business owner in Montgomery County, I’m very excited to be supporting David Blair for County Executive,” said Mike Friedman, chef and co-owner of Aventino and AP Pizza Shop. “David stands for principles that business owners believe in - backing initiatives to remove unnecessary regulations, increasing alcohol competition and promoting a pro-business mentality are just a few. With a proven track record of success, David Blair is going to fight for the success of Montgomery County restaurants to build a more prosperous future, not only for our restaurant industry, but for everyone working and living here.”

Recently, the Blair campaign shared these policies with more than 1,100 restaurant owners and operators in Montgomery County to learn more about how their businesses can best be supported.

“I’m running for Montgomery County Executive because we need a vibrant, growing economy to pay for the priority services we value,” Blair said. “We should be leading the region in new jobs, not lagging. I will create the business environment employers expect and deserve.”

The Democratic Primary for County Executive is set for June 28, 2022 with Early Voting from June 16, 2022 through June 23, 2022.

Media Contact: Aaron Kraut, Communications Director, and 301-602-2356.