Blair Releases Plan to Make Montgomery County Regional Leader in Fighting Climate Change


Rockville, Md., Jan. 5, 2022 -- David Blair, Democratic candidate for Montgomery County Executive, today released his plan to lead the region in solar energy production, restore lost tree canopy, compost food waste, make zero energy buildings a reality, and more.

Blair’s Plan for Environmental Progress includes policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the county, increase the production of clean renewable energy, preserve natural resources, and prepare neighborhoods for the impacts of climate change, including:

  • Regaining the county’s top standing in the region in the installation of solar energy systems on county property and buildings;

  • Planting 10,000 trees a year, including in neighborhoods that have sustained significant tree canopy loss;

  • Establishing countywide curbside composting collection to eliminate compostable food waste going to the county’s incinerator and landfills;

  • Making all county government buildings zero energy and creating pathways for all buildings to go zero energy;

  • Modernizing storm drains and reviving the county’s Green Streets program to help capture stormwater before it floods infrastructure and damages streams; and

  • Growing the number of good-paying jobs in smart growth areas to attract housing and build communities that rely on walking, biking, and transit.

Blair’s plan also includes setting specific goals based on clear and understandable metrics - part of his 90-day report card to keep county government accountable for results.

“Montgomery County talks a big game about how to solve our environmental challenges. We shouldn’t confuse activity with progress,” Blair said. “Montgomery County isn’t closer to our hugely-ambitious environmental goals than we were four years ago. The pace of county solar and renewable energy projects has slowed, neighboring jurisdictions have passed us by with bigger and bolder projects, and key environmental protection initiatives have stopped.”

“The good news is we already have the expertise here in Montgomery County and models to follow from other jurisdictions to do our part. We need effective leadership to make it happen,” Blair said.

The Plan for Environmental Progress follows the release of Blair’s A County For A Lifetime plan focused on serving aging residents and his Economic Development Plan that identifies his priorities and strategies for reversing the county’s downward trends in good-paying job opportunities, businesses, and economic growth.

Blair, a community advocate, philanthropist, and businessman, has worked in support of civic and nonprofit organizations throughout Montgomery County to end poverty and homelessness, promote healthy living, empower children with disabilities, and provide quality early childhood education.

The Democratic Primary for County Executive is set for June 28, 2022 with Early Voting from June 16, 2022 through June 23, 2022.

Media Contact: Aaron Kraut, Communications Director, and 301-602-2356.